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The dawn of a new era in extradition law: the death of s.2 arguments?

George Hepburne-Scott considers the impact of the Supreme Court case of Goluchowski v District Court in Elblag [2016] and its impact on the interpretation of the Framework decision in UK courts with particular reference to the requirements under Article 8(1)(e) of the Framework Decision i.e. the requirement that the EAW […]

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Australia signs extradition treaty with China

Australia will become the first of the western “five eyes” intelligence countries to ratify an extradition treaty with China in a controversial move aimed at addressing Beijing’s fight on money laundering and drug crime.  It follows a diplomatic push by Chinese preside to conclude treaties with western powers as part of his anti-corruption […]

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A Greek court approves extradition of 3 Turkish soldiers for participation in the failed coup

A Greek court decided on Tuesday to extradite three Turkish soldiers who fled to Greece after a failed coup against President Tayyip Erdogan in July. Turkey’s government has requested the rapid extradition of the eight men, whom it has described as traitors, to face charges of trying to overthrow the country’s […]

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