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The dawn of a new era in extradition law: the death of s.2 arguments?

George Hepburne-Scott considers the impact of the Supreme Court case of Goluchowski v District Court in Elblag [2016] and its impact on the interpretation of the Framework decision in UK courts with particular reference to the requirements under Article 8(1)(e) of the Framework Decision i.e. the requirement that the EAW […]

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Oxford Conference on International Extradition and the European Arrest Warrant a “Complete Success”, Participants Say

Lawyers and law school professors from around the world congregated in Oxford, England in the last week in August to brainstorm on alternative methods of extradition in light of the possible exit of the United Kingdom from the European Union. A poll of participants indicated that virtually all considered the […]

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General view of the buildings of the Court of Justice of the European Communities

ECJ: Member states are not obliged to grant their citizens and other EU citizens the same protections in extradition cases

The European Court of Justice ruled yesterday that the extradition by Latvia of Aleksei Petruhhin, an Estonian citizen, to Russia does not contravene the principles of non-discrimination under EU law. Specifically, the Court ruled that a member state is not required to grant a national of another member state who is the subject of […]

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Sabrina de Sousa, an Ex-CIA agent losses extradition battle in Portugal’s Supreme Court

Portugal’s Supreme Court has rejected the appeal of Sabrina de Sousa to an extradition request by Italy. De Sousa is a CIA agent convicted in absentia for her part in an “extraordinary rendition” case in Italy. Sabrina De Sousa’s only possible recourse is to appeal the ruling to the Constitutional Court […]

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