The Group

This portal is run and updated by an international group of academic lawyers and legal practitioners engaged in extradition law. The group organises a yearly reunion of extradition lawyers and has met regularly (once a year) since 2016.

Members to the scientific commitee of the extradition expert group are :

  • maffwhiteStefano Maffei | Italian academic lawyer and an extradition consultant with significant international experience, mainly in Europe, UK and the United States.  Dr. Maffei is a member of the Fair Trials’ Legal Expert Advisory Panel on extradition matters and offers legal advice in extradition proceedings and complex cases  that involve multiple jurisdictions, the European Court of Human Rights and/or defendants who face charges before foreign courts.
  • Summers            Mark Summers | Barrister specialising in crime and international criminal law, focusing on extradition and mutual legal assistance, cases concerning anti-terrorism law, complex cross border and jurisdictional issues, international and EU law.
  • Anna              Anna Oehmichen | German lawyer, partner of Knierim & Kollegen and member of DELF (Defence Extradition Lawyers’ Forum)
  • Captura de pantalla 2017-10-30 a las 21.26.57             Gary Botting | Canadian barrister, an appellate lawyer, has practised law in British Columbia for more than 25 years, representing clients primarily in extradition, dangerous offender law and criminal appeals. He has worked on hundreds of high-profile extradition cases over the years, beginning with the Charles Ng case in Calgary in the 1980s.
  • cristina               Cristina Sáenz Pérez | Spanish lawyer and Graduate research assistant at the University of Leicester.  Cristina Sáenz Pérez holds an LL.M. from the United Nations Interregional Crime and Research Institute and her research focuses mainly on the European Arrest Warrant, International Extradition proceedings and Human Rights.