Advanced Seminar (2019 edition)

IV edition of the 2-day Advanced seminar on international extradition and the practice of the European Arrest Warrant. 

The international Extradition expert group met again in Italy in June 2019 to investigate current worldwide developments in extradition law. The seminar featured a roundtable interactive discussion with academic lawyers, practitioners, judges, prosecutors and law students & graduates with an interest for supranational criminal law.

The seminar began with a brief report by UK barrister Mark Summers QC on the current Hong Kong crisis that originated from the proposed reform to extradition arrangements.

A number of presenters offered country reports, namely on The Netherlands, Finland, Switzerland, Scotland, Belarus and Poland. Thomas Wahl (an extradition expert from the Max Planck Institute for Foreign and International Criminal Law) offered an update to certain key aspects of the EAW jurisprudence in Germany and the European Court of Justice. In the 2018 edition, Wahl presented the controversial Puidgemont case from a German perspective: this time, we heard the report of Paul Bekaert, the Belgian lawyer that represented Puidgemont in the Belgian EAW case. Paul Bekaert also summarised the decisions of Belgian courts in other notable extradition cases when freedom of expression was at stake.

In separate sessions, Nicola Canestrini, a criminal lawyer from Italy, raised the question of how “free movement” rights can impact on the extradition of EU citizens to third countries while Anna Oehmichen (a lawyer and University lecturer from Germany) described how the abuse of the Interpol red notice (issued in this case by the Dubai authorities, for a criminal offence that seems to exist only in the UAE) could lead to major violations of the fundamental rights of the requested persons.

Finally, Dr Stefano Maffei of the University of Parma, one of the organisers of the conference, announced the forthcoming publication of his new book “Extradition Law and Practice”, which will offer an overview of the typical course of an extradition case and the description of 30 notable extradition cases.

Participation in the seminar is upon invitation by the scientific committee.  If you wish to learn more about this event and how to take part in the future please send a message to Stefano Maffei ( or call +39-3346575697.

The brochure of the 2019 event is available here


Program fee to cover organisational costs: €395.

Venue: Hotel Cocca | Sarnico | Italy (Lake Iseo)

Dates: 24-25 June  2019