Famous extradition cases

Universities and Law Schools around the world generally do not teach international extradition as a subject, and postgraduate seminars and courses on this topic are extremely rare.

Although several famous extradition cases have been in the spotlight in the last few decades (Augusto Pinochet, Julian Assange, and Roman Polansky to mention a few), this subject still lacks proper academic standing. As a result, with the exception of the UK, most countries still do not have an established group of extradition experts or lawyers. And the lack of shared knowledge can make it rather difficult for judicial authorities and practitioners of different jurisdictions to deal with matters of international extradition.

In this section we placed some famous extradition cases into groups depending on the charges against the requested pèersons (political figures, violent crime, white collar crime, organised crime, etc) and included the key legal arguments that were made in the related proceedings