This extradition expert group meets once a year in a round-table seminar to discuss recent developments in extradition law around the world. Participants in the seminar are encouraged to bring their extradition experience to the table and discuss recent reforms of extradition statutory laws or significant ruling of domestic courts. Participants are also typically expected to report on the typical course of an extradition case in their own jurisdiction.

Past editions of the International Extradition seminar were held as indicated below:


2016 | Oxford | Center for Socio-legal studies | August 2016 | Download Brochure | Press Release 

2017 | Oxford  | Worcester College | August 2017 | Download Brochure | Press Release

2018 | Sarnico (Italy) | Hotel Cocca | June 2018 | Download Brochure | Press Release

2019 | Sarnico (Italy) | Hotel Cocca | June 2019 | Download Brochure | Press Release