Sabrina de Sousa, an Ex-CIA agent losses extradition battle in Portugal’s Supreme Court

Portugal’s Supreme Court has rejected the appeal of Sabrina de Sousa to an extradition request by Italy. De Sousa is a CIA agent convicted in absentia for her part in an “extraordinary rendition” case in Italy.

Sabrina De Sousa’s only possible recourse is to appeal the ruling to the Constitutional Court of Portugal, arguing the extradition request is unconstitutional. De Sousa’s lawyer, Manuel Magalhães e Silva, noted that her appeal would be based on the fact that De Sousa will not get a retrial in Italy if extradited to Italy. The Portuguese Constitution guarantees a retrial in cases tried in absentia.

De Sousa was among 26 Americans convicted in absentia in Italy for the 2003 kidnapping of Abu Omar, an Egyptian cleric in Milan.

De Sousa was arrested at Lisbon’s airport last October following a European arrest warrant issued by Italy.

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