Interview to Sabrina De Sousa

Sabrina de Sousa, the Ex CIA agent who is set to be extradited to Italy to serve a sentence for the kidnapping of Abu Omar recently gave an interview to VICE News.

During this interview, she state that she has reached out to several US officials and public figures, such as the Pope during the extradition proceedings asking for help. More specifically, Ms. De Sousa focuses on the letter she wrote to Ms. Clinton, while she was the secretary of state. Ms De Sousa affirms that Ms. Clinton was informed about and authorized the operation to capture and transfer Abu Omar to Egypt.

Ms. De Sousa also remembers that, if extradited to Italy, she will be the first CIA agent to go to jail and that she will be shouldering the responsibility of the rendition program, which was designed and authorized by the President of the US and the CIA itself.

More information available here.

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