Salah Abdessalam to fight the European Arrest Warrant in Belgium

Salah Abdeslam, the “most wanted” terrorist in Europe announced that he will fight his extradition to France. This decision could delay the extradition proceedings to his native France. However, experts note that his arguments are not likely to succeed, but him opposing the extradition request could delay his deportation to France for up to 90 days. His lawyer claimed that they would, first of all, analyze if the arrest warrant is legal.

Nevertheless, Belgium’s prime minister openly said that the country wants to further question Salah Abdeslam. Such questioning could result in him being charged in Belgium as well, which could further delay his extradition to France. Abdeslam “is worth millions“, his lawyer Sven Mary told Belgian public broadcaster RTBF.

Abdeslam has been on the run for months. He is suspected of having helped transport three suicide bombers that participated in the Paris’ attacks. He is also believed to have bought the detonators used at Bataclan.

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